Complex 3D Printing solution for dentistry-from 3D model to the final product

Professional 3D printer with a post-processing station for labs and dental surgery 


  • One-click printing 
  • One-time calibration 
  • Intuitive operation 
  • Automated processes
  • Highly-optimized workflow for dental practices


  • The fastest desktop SLA 3D printer 
  • Extremely detailed prints 
  • Built-in resin level sensor 
  • Carbon filter to minimize resin odors 
  • Safety functions: cover sensor, temperature measurement, continuous status monitoring
  • Print more models at one time
  • Complete post-processing (washing, drying, curing)

How does it work?

The dentist uses a special 3D scanner to create a digital model of the client’s teeth and gums. The laboratory assistant will then use it to model custom dental prostheses, models for the production of braces, drilling jigs, and other dental aids. Compared to conventional methods, this process is much more pleasant and accurate, especially for the patient.


Original Prusa Medical One and Original Prusa Medical CW One are comprehensive printing solution that is fully adapted for digitizing dental practice. Thanks to high accuracy and maximum precision, 3D printing achieves much better results than conventional hand-made workflow. It is less time-consuming and it also successfully eliminates processes that may be uncomfortable for the patient. Examples of the use of 3D printing in the dental field:

Dental Models & Try-ins

Crown and Bridges

Surgical Guides


Original Prusa Medical One (M1)

  • Supported materials: UV-sensitive resin (405 nm), third-party resins supported
  • Layer Exposure Time: 2 seconds per layer*
  • Print area size (XYZ): 127×80×150 mm 
  • LCD display: Monochromatic 5.96“ LCD, 2560×1620 px
  • Resolution (XY): 0.05mm 
  • Layer height: from 0.01 mm (recommended 0.05 mm) 
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, LAN, Web Interface
  • Automatic resin level measurement
  • One-click-print
  • Vapor extraction with activated carbon filter
  • Safety functions: cover sensor, temperature measurement, continuous monitoring of device status
  • Provided with resin and all accessories
*depends on the resin

Original Prusa Medical CW One (MCW1)

  • All-in-one solution for post-processing of resin-based models 
  • Resin preheat function
  • Thorough washing
  • Efficient drying
  • 360° UV light curing
  • All necessary accessories included

Dental Model in 5 minutes

The main feature of the Original Prusa Medical One is high performance. Especially orthodontists will appreciate the possibility of effective use of the entire printing platform. A representative example shows 10 models designed for the production of aligners using thermoforming. The printing time of all models is only 42 minutes with printing with our Prusament Resin Tough Sandstone Model with 0.1mm layers.


Certified for biocompatible resins

In cooperation with selected resin manufacturers, we have co-developed and certified workflows for several dental applications requiring biocompatibility. This process ensures that biocompatible materials in particular are processed correctly and will not cause harm to your patients.


Our system is also open to 3rd party materials so you can freely work with any other brands available on the market and discover the full potential of digital dentistry with applications like dentures, temporary and permanent crowns, gingival masks, models, indirect bonding trays, impression trays, castable materials for partial dentures, etc.

Currently, we work with the following dental resins manufacturers:

Precision platforms

Precision printing platforms are an important part of our Medical One 3D printer. They are manufactured with maximum precision so that they can be freely exchanged without the need to calibrate the printer. This results in a significant reduction of the downtime between prints and even higher efficiency of the entire printing process.

One Precision platform is included in the Medical One printer package. If you would like to purchase more, please contact your distributor.

Prusament Resin Tough Sandstone Model

We have developed our own material suitable for dental models – Prusament Resin Tough Sandstone Model. Its visual and mechanical features were created as a result of extensive consultations with top industry experts. It is a very dimensionally stable material with low shrinkage and odor, and it does not cause eye fatigue because of its color.

The sandstone color makes even the most elaborate details sharp and perfectly visible. This material is also suitable for dental model prints for thermoforming bracelets. Together with your printer, you get one 0.5 kg bottle for testing. To order this resin, please contact our partners.

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Our Partners

Our certified partners are established and customer-oriented professionals with extensive experience selling medical devices for dental surgery and labs. A fully trained partner can provide first-class support and fast response time together with a deep knowledge of the whole workflow from scanning, over 3D printing, and finally postprocessing the part and implementing it to the patient. We teamed up with the following distributors: